Curfew centers are no substitute for good parenting [Letter]

February 12, 2014

While it sounds encouraging on paper, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's plan to open youth curfew centers in Baltimore represents a misplaced priority ("Mayor proposes year-round curfew centers," Feb. 10). Once again, the onus is on Big Brother, not parents, to dictate how and if children in Baltimore live more enriched lives.

Schools provide early morning activities as well as a breakfast and lunch. Then there are after-school programs and activities, some school-based.

Do we see the enabling trend here? I certainly do. Children seemingly get little or no parental support in their formative years. Now the mayor wants to open curfew centers around the city. Has it gotten so pathetic that the politicians and teachers are raising Baltimore's inner-city youth 24/7?

Where does the time-honored concept of accountable parenting come into the picture? That is where the problem lies. Perhaps Mayor Rawlings-Blake would do better to open responsible parenting centers.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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