Bag plastic bags [Letter]

February 08, 2014

I was amazed to learn the Baltimore City Council has failed to pass a 10-cent tax on plastic bags provided by grocers and other vendors ("Bag tax economics," Jan. 22). Baltimore City lags many other large cities in the U.S. in the pursuit of eliminating this wasteful means to carry home one's groceries.

Many cities have eliminated the bags altogether since they will remain in landfills for many years before disintegrating. In addition, the highways are littered with the bags, which are very unsightly to say the least. With respect to recycling the bags, many grocery stores now refuse to accept them, including the Safeway in Canton. The Baltimore recycling centers won't accept them either. We had to take our accumulated bags to Anne Arundel County to have them recycled.

The answer is to eliminate the bags completely and have customers bring their own reusable cloth or paper bags to the store.

Jon Meyer, Baltimore

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