Moving medical marijuana forward [Letter]

February 06, 2014

Letter writer Kate Rollason is absolutely right ("Remove the medical marijuana roadblocks," Jan. 31). The law that legalized medical marijuana last year has completely failed to help anyone. Some of our more perceptive legislators are proposing changes to that law. Del. Dan K. Morhaim, Sen. Jamie Raskin and others are in the process of filing a bill allowing doctors to recommend medical marijuana for their patients. I believe the bill has a good chance of passing. Gov. Martin O'Malley has made statements indicating that he might support it.

Please, let's not have another round of "Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland, but sorry, there's no marijuana." It's not about getting high or having fun. It's about people who are not having fun because they're sick, or in constant pain. Let's get going and do something to help them.

James Kelleher, Bethesda

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