A special circle in Hell for handicap placard thieves [Letter]

February 05, 2014

Were there really almost 2,000 thefts of handicapped placards from vehicles in Baltimore in 2012? Who are all these people stealing placards from the disabled ("City to reserve hundreds of parking spaces for disabled," Feb. 1)?

If there's a Hell, I hope there's an especially warm and toasty section reserved for these deeply disturbed folks.

By the way, to those who shudder at the thought of forthcoming parking challenges created by the change in parking policy, I'd trade my placard in any day and park a mile away from everywhere I need to go for the rest of my life if I could lose the MS-related disability.

As I've told any number of kind souls who try to park as close to where we're headed as possible, park wherever you can find a space. I actually love to walk; I just don't do it as fluidly as I used to.

Mark R. Somerfield, Forest Hill

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