Mink stole is tasteless [Letter]

January 31, 2014

I was disappointed upon seeing the accompanying photograph in Sloane Brown's column about fashion-forward locals ("Glimpsed at Single Carrot Theatre," Jan. 30). Kirsten Lessner was shown wearing a mink stole that she said was "her grandmother's cousin's."

I am not an in-your-face PETA activist, but I do get offended when I see what I call insensitive journalism. I do not care that the stole was rather old, as Ms. Lessner inferred (perhaps as if to legitimize the fact that she did not purchase it but instead inherited it).

I believe The Sun has to be more accountable in their journalistic choices. The killing of defenseless animals so that human beings can parade them in the name fashion is reprehensible.

Any negative feedback The Sun may receive regarding running this feature and accompanying photograph will be well deserved.

All I am asking is to show more sensitivity. After all, this is the year 2014 and not 1965.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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