If you hit a deer on the road, pleas report it [Letter to The Aegis]

January 30, 2014|Letter to The Aegis


A deer was hit on Rock Spring Road between Colgate Road and Delcrest Road in Forest Hill.

It lay there for two weeks. It lay in front of a home on a busy residential/commercial strip. It saddens me that when I called the Sheriff's Office, when I said it was being eaten by other animals. I was told that basically that's nature's way.

Animals feed off of dead animals. Maybe so, but driving by and seeing the entrails of this small animal was just too much. If it was on a country road, yes, I could understand the logic. Not on a busy road that also sees foot traffic. I don't think anyone would want to see the slow decomposition of any animal.

I'm shocked that those living near where it happened would not have taken immediate action. Each day I thought someone is going to pick it up. Have we become so callous, that we would allow an animal to be treated so horribly, even in death? I think the person who hit the deer should have reported it and had it picked up immediately.

Please, if this should happen to you and you kill an animal on the road, do the humane thing, please report it.

Lois Raimondi Munchel   

Forest Hill

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