Hampden, the Williamsburg of Baltimore

(Barbara Haddock Taylor…)
January 29, 2014|By Julie Scharper, The Baltimore Sun

Just what the Hons of Hampden wanted to hear -- more proof that yuppies have commandeered the neighborhood.

According to a poll conducted by Gawker, Hampden has been voted Baltimore's equivalent of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Let's see....

Hand poured cups of single source coffee? Check

Charcuterie dangling from the ceiling? Check

Cloth diapers and woven wraps for babywearing? Check

Faux-old fashion barber shop with a straight razor shave? Check

A Belgian beer bar in the former Red Man's Hall? Check

Fancy brunches? Check and Check and Check

And, in more news that should surprise no one, Station North was voted as Baltimore's answer to artsy, edgy Bushwick.

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