OrchKids appears to lack diversity [Letter]

January 28, 2014

Regarding the recent article on the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids program, while Dan Trahey may see a metaphorical connection between society an orchestra, what is striking about the photographs of his class is their homogeneity ("Dan Trahey helps make OrchKids a national model for helping disadvantaged kids," Jan. 26).

Are there no children from ethnic backgrounds besides African American to enjoy the BSO's programs? I don't wish to bash OrchKids, the BSO, or Mr. Trahey's enthusiasm. All are good things, but the BSO exists physically in the diverse community of Bolton Hill, within a city made up of persons of various backgrounds, yet one has to wonder to what extent this diversity is actually reflected in the program itself.

There is nothing stranger than attending a BSO event to see some of these kids come out on stage, uniform in their backgrounds, beating drums for a largely white audience. Good intentions aside, it really does look like a recapitulation, or gussying-up, of social divisions and attitudes from the past that we now look back upon with embarrassment.

C. A. Hoffman, Reservoir Hill

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