Mom auditions happening next month

(Via Listen to Your Mother )
January 28, 2014|By Kristine Henry,
The Baltimore Sun

Well, not auditions to be a mom. (Would I get the part? Gawd knows.)

These are audtions for "Listen to Your Mother," a sort of Stoop Storytelling for the mom set. Here are the types of stories they want:

"Great childhoods, traumatic adolescence, turbulent teenage years, humorous birth stories, harrowing coming of age tales, reflections on adoption, infertility, the birth of multiples, home schooling, children with development disorders, etc.  We want it all!!!  All ages, ethnicities and genders are welcome.  You need not BE a mother to speak on what motherhood means to you."

The auditions will be held on Feb. 2, Feb. 9 and Feb. 22, and the show will be on April 26. For more information, click here.

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