Like/Dislike with Jay Gould, MICA photography faculty member

  • Jay Gould.
Jay Gould. (Handout, Baltimore Sun )
January 28, 2014

Jay Gould first got his hands on a camera when he was 6 years old, and he describes those first shots as "terrible."

[I] mostly captured roll after roll containing pictures of flashes on aquarium glass," said Gould, 31, who lives in Hampden. "I'm a geek and suspect that my early love of cameras was purely because it had a button and a lens that moved in and out.

Things have changed, of course. Gould took his first photography class at age 16 and "finally committed to the medium" when he was almost done with college. He's now deeply devoted to working with science and storytelling themes, often combining the two, and creates everything from landscape and still life to documentary and constructed images. Now a full-time at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Gould is part of the college's faculty exhibition, "Look Now" (opening Friday and running through Feb 16 at the Bunting Center's Pinkard Gallery, 1401 W. Mount Royal Ave.).

Gould said his work for "Look Now" centers on his "fascination of how time presents itself in thee natural landscape in haunting and remarkable ways." Before the showcase opens, Gould talked to us about the place he has always wanted to photograph, his love of flannel and more.

Your worst habit? Procrastination, hands-down. I think most artists would say this as well. 

Trend that has exceeded its natural lifespan? Pajamas outside the house. 

TV show you can't get enough of? The British "Top Gear." I've loved cars my whole life, but I'm far too frugal to ever buy anything that wasn't utterly practical, so I expend some testosterone vicariously through this show.

Favorite and least favorite fashion statement? Being from Minnesota, I appreciate when flannel comes back into fashion so that my usual wardrobe will seem current. I'm not fond of shirts and jeans with gaudy bedazzled skulls/wings/crosses/fleur-de-lis, etc.

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore? My usual spot is Rocket to Venus in Hampden. It is only two blocks away from where I live, so it is largely out of convenience, but I do truly like the place.

Last great meal you had? A few weeks ago I had some really great guava-glazed baby back ribs at Jackie Ray's in Kona, Hawaii.

Favorite place to see art in the city? I really like what Current Space is doing lately.

Subject or place you've always wanted to photograph? Another planet. I love landscapes that seem otherworldly, so what could be better than the real thing?

Favorite thing about Baltimore? I love the humor infused creativity of the city. I lived in Louisiana before coming to Baltimore and it really reminds me a lot of New Orleans. Mostly it is how there are so many neighborhood events that are good natured, creative and also silly. 


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