Our 5 favorite 'BFA' moments

  • Still from shooting the end of Episode 4 of "BFA" outside Joe Squared. Actors Sean Latta (left), Katie Hileman.
Still from shooting the end of Episode 4 of "BFA"… (Handout, Baltimore Sun )
January 28, 2014|By Sarah Richards

Sarah Pearl's date in Episode 5

In between running the theater company, Sarah gets set up on a blind date at Joe Squared on North Avenue. It turns out her date is none other than the nerd cupcake eater from the first episode, Roger Eggwit (Sean Latta). Roger recognizes Sarah and proceeds to make several references to her "nonsense play" that he watched. "It was called 'Dada No,'" she snips. "Oh … Dada, excuse me!" he goofs. And the date goes on. Cringe.

The rehearsal in Episode 2

Wealthy Graham is a lost soul looking for a purpose in life, and his weirdness is both funny and alienating. After seeing the Stick People's play in the first episode, he gets invited to a rehearsal by Stick People actor Andy Jones (Anderson Wells). Graham shows up carrying a tiny viola no bigger than his hand that he calls his "mini V." "It's my mother's invention," he explains. "It's her idea of cute so I'm mastering it."

Graham loses his cash in Episode 9

UMBC senior lecturer Susan McCully makes a great appearance as Margaret Fortinberry when, unhappy with her son's decision to volunteer for the theater company, she cuts off his trust fund. Margaret scolds Graham over the phone: "You have had the best education anyone could ask for and with that you decide to not only work for free, but to, to, to be … background music?"

Ryan and Sarah duke it out in Episode 3

While the group plays a board game, Sarah and Ryan revisit where things went wrong with their friendship even before he showed up in Baltimore. Turns out Ryan had moved out from their shared New York apartment, leaving Sarah high and dry for rent. Upset, Ryan admits to the group that he has problems, and that's why he has been crashing at the house where the Stick People actors live. "I have no money, I have student loans to pay off, car payments and I was just looking for a place to call home for a while," he announces, visibly upset. "So as soon as I get a couple of checks from this film gig, I will go and find my own place and be out of your hair — I will leave you alone." Silence. Andy, thinking this is the perfect time to hit on someone, ventures, "You can sleep in my bed."

The Ryan-Sarah feud continues in Episode 7

The Stick People are still looking for a place to show Sam's play, "Bruised Apple." Sam, Sarah and Julia meet with a theatre bigwig (played by 25-year-old Kiirstn Pagan) who declines to take on Sam's play … only to then ask Sarah if she happens to know how to get in touch with Ryan, whom she wants to see for an audition. "I don't have an email, do you happen to know, have his phone number?" Sarah pauses, and with a tilt of her head deadpans: "No. Sorry."

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