No mandatory union dues [Letter]

January 27, 2014

I absolutely support unions when it is appropriate, and I would fight for union representation when it's appropriate. What I disagree with is the concept of "union shops" where all employees must pay dues whether they belong to the union or not ("Paying one's dues," Jan. 23).

Free enterprise should be on both sides of the economy. If a union is appropriate, then let there be a union. But that doesn't mean that it is appropriate for all the workers within the designated work force. Let each employee stand on his or her own merits. Should an employee feel the need to seek assistance of a union, fine. But let it be that employee's decision.

At least in such a union shop there would be no forced payroll deduction. So the independent, non-union member can make the union dues payment outside of the normal system, cash, even in pennies and ask the union steward for a receipt.

Richard T. Webb, Parkton

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