Red Maryland week in review

January 27, 2014

From the Baltimore Sun Op-Ed Page
Greg Kline notes the major divisions within the Democratic Party, and what this means for chances of a Republican winning this November.

Fact Checking Martin O'Malley
Mark Newgent does yeoman's work in fact checking all of Governor O'Malley's State of the State Address. All of it.....

Mooney Continues to do Damage to the Maryland GOP
Not content with the damage he did during his abysmal tenure as State Party Chairman, Alex Mooney is continuing to raid Maryland for campaign donations that could be better spent here at home.

Administration Fails Accounting
The O'Malley Administration closed out fiscal year 2013 with over $95 million in unlawful transactions, requiring the General Assembly to allocate funds to bail them out.

Senate Leadership Stands Down
With a chance to take a stand against a major policy failure of the O'Malley Administration, leadership in the Senate Republican Caucus decided to let the Administration off the hook instead.

Standing Against Free Speech
A Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates wants to take away the First Amendment rights of some organizations in order to further create what Mark Newgent calls "an incumbent protection racket."

Rhetorical Matters
Dr. Richard Vatz breaks down the rhetoric from Governor O'Malley's last State of the State Address.

From the Network

  • The Red Maryland News Hour: Duane Keenan reports on the news of the week from Annapolis, including Governor O'Malley's State of the State Address, reactions from top Democrats and Republicans, as well as an extended interview with Del. Mike Smigiel.
  • The Broadside: Mark talks about campaign finance, the continuing adventures of Obamacare, and brings us more Drunk History and News of the Weird.
  • Raging Against the Rhetoric: Jackie talks with Del. Justin Ready, about Larry Hogan's official entry into the gubernatorial race, and about Republicans donating their money to Alex Mooney.
  • Red Maryland Radio: Flying solo this week, Greg talks about taxes, leadership in the state Senate, and gives an overview of the statewide races.
  • Red Maryland Election Focus: An interview with state Senate candidate Donald Quinn, and Greg reviews campaign finance reports from the Anne Arundel County Executive's race.
  • 15 Minutes: Kevin Waterman, Queen Anne's County Republican Central Committee member and candidate for Queen Anne's County Register of Wills.

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