Make recycling a daily ritual [Letter]

January 27, 2014

It's high time for all to get involved with recycling agendas. I live in a condominium in northeast Baltimore County where, on every street, there are dumpsters, clearly denoted for either garbage or recycling. They are strategically placed throughout the complex. And yet when I open the lid of the garbage dumpster, I see many recyclable items. Should I have to be the one who has to differentiate between garbage and recyclables and sort out those items for my neighbors?

Are there still people truly that lazy, that indifferent, to the concept?

I question the commitment that fast food chains have to recycling items. While I realize that many of the employees are teens, I wonder how committed their managers (usually adults) are to recycling. There are usually no clearly marked recycling containers in the restaurant. What occurs to all the items on the way from the back door to the dumpster? Does everything go to the same dumpster, whether it be garbage or recycled items? Does someone take the time and social responsibility to sort the items? Is the effort reinforced to employees who haul out those items?

All grocery stores now sell reusable, reinforced bags for a dollar. I believe these stores should provide those bags for free to their customers. Shoppers who utilize those bags should be rewarded with small discounts. I have become so sickened to seeing those thin, aesthetically unpleasing bags in bushes, trees and gutters. They have also been proven to be dangerous, even lethal, to wildlife.

The world we leave our children hinges very much on the actions we carry out today. Let's all be more accountable to making recycling a daily routine and not a chore.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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