Baltimore's bad snow job [Letter]

January 27, 2014

As I continue to read and hear Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake trumpet her ambitions to attract 10,000 new families to Baltimore, most recently in Andrew Zaleski's "Wheels of change" (Jan. 22), it seems obvious to me that she faces larger issues beyond the major obstacles of poor schools and escalating citywide violence to her empty pronouncement.

The economic mobility of families that Mayor Rawlings-Blake wants to recruit as Baltimore's newest residents and ambassadors means they have the benefit of sweating the little things in life. When people have the means to choose where they want to live, where they want to send their children to school and where they want to enjoy their free time, this is when the details matter and the smaller things do not go unnoticed.

Walking through my snow-and-ice-covered neighborhood this week, the unkempt, iced-over sidewalks surrounding the Baltimore Police Administration Building on 29th Street and Remington Avenue as well as the icy sidewalks adjacent to the neighborhood's public parks stand in stark contrast to the cleared sidewalks in front of homes and businesses throughout Remington and Charles Village.

Mayor, your 10,000 families plan is without a doubt a big picture goal, but this week's snowstorm should serve as a reminder that the details also matter.

Patrick Dieter, Remington

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