Why Glenn Beck shouldn't be allowed to worm his way back onto mainstream TV

An animated debate about what Beck's up to with his Fox 'apology'

January 26, 2014|By David Zurawik | The Baltimore Sun

Last week, former Fox News host Glenn Beck returned for a guest appearance with Megyn Kelly and created a bit of buzz saying he wished he'd have been more positive and less divisive during his days on the cable channel.

Some call it an apology. I don't.

He left Fox News in 2011 under a cloud of controversy. And I celebrated his leaving, because it meant one of the most divisive, reckless and polarizing figures I had ever covered was being marginalized.

I remain convinced that mainstream TV and the country are much better off with him in the margins instead of having an audience of 1.8 million viewers a night as he did on Fox.

Here's video of a debate between me and Amy Holmes, one of Beck's employees at TheBlaze, his information and opinion media operation. The animated conversation, in which we agreed on absolutely nothing, aired Sunday on "Media Buzz," the Fox News media show hosted by Howard Kurtz.

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