Sherman fails as a role model [Letter]

January 25, 2014

As someone who has spent more than 50 years in education and, more importantly, in developing the character of the young men who passed through Boys' Latin's doors, Richard Sherman's outburst after the Seattle Seahawks victory saddens me greatly ("Richard Sherman was out of line," Jan. 20).

Many of our professional athletes fail to recognize they are role models for the fans of all ages. Mr. Sherman's outburst is another glaring example of a complete failure to win with grace and humility. The truly great athletes, the ones that time does not forget, are those who are true sportsmen and use their position to make the sport, and the community in which they play, better.

He may have been an honors student athlete in high school and then at Stanford University, but he never learned much about character in those classrooms or on those fields.

Dyson P. Ehrhardt, Baltimore

The writer is associate headmaster for development at The Boys' Latin School of Maryland.

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