To stop killings, bring back the death penalty [Letter]

January 24, 2014

Having read Dan Rodricks' column on one of the prime motives for homicides in Baltimore ("The insanity of Baltimore's 'disrespect' killings," Jan. 19), I think I may have an answer.

The penalty for such a heinous crime is currently incarceration for as long a period as the law provides. It does not appear to be enough of a deterrent, however. The death penalty might be.

It bothers me not at all if the killers suffer. Did they care if their victims suffered?

Every time I listen to the news or read the paper there is yet another story of killings in our city. The police seem unable to prevent them.

Am I in the minority regarding this matter ? I'm not an anti-gun crazy, but there must be a better solution for this problem than what we have now.

Arthur Shefrin, Pikesville

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