My elderly Mother was targeted by scammer [Letter]

January 23, 2014|Letter to The Aegis

I am writing this to a woman who met my mother in the Shop Rite in Aberdeen on Jan. 8:

I want to tell you how much my Mom told me about you. She said you were so nice to her at the fish counter.

Now me, being the skeptical one of the family, I thought your intentions of bringing back my Mom's shopping cart, while claiming you took it by mistake, was ridiculous. I told her you were attempting to steal her purse when she was distracted. My Mom thinks everyone is nice and kind.

Did you know that my Mom takes care of my almost 90-year-old father full time and on her own? She ran to the grocery store to get some food and lunch for him while he was sleeping.

Yes, you picked the right target when you chose a distracted older woman. My Mom told me how nice and apologetic you were when you returned her cart saying you grabbed it by mistake. What a nice conversation you both had.

My Mom never gave it a second thought until she received a credit card bill for almost $1,500 in charges over a two-day period. How proud you must be of yourself to spend someone else's money. Big screen TV? Random Items? What did you buy?

The Shop Rite manager was very kind to me and I could tell she felt horrible about you coming into the store and targeting a customer. Shame, shame lady! They have your picture so make sure you go back real soon.

As the daughter, I have to say I hope karma comes back to get you. The security my parents had was stolen by you. I certainly hope you are proud of yourself. My parents are retired, but they both worked very hard for many years. They are hard-working and honest people. My Mom loves to chat, because she is alone with my dad all day, and you targeted her for the thing most people love about her. I am angry as hell at you lady! I work two jobs and help my Mom when I can, and you have left my family feeling helpless when mean people have bad intentions and no class whatsoever.

The police have been notified. You may get away with this one lady, but your time of stealing is coming to an end. Targeting the older generation is such a cold, callous and despicable act.

Thank you so much for teaching my parents what I knew all along: that no one accidentally takes your shopping cart in the store. My mother thought you were such a nice lady.

Lisa Buonaugurio

Havre de Grace

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