'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Close Encounters'

  • Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer must decide if new information about Ali is true on "Pretty Little Liars."
Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer must decide if new information… (Ron Tom / ABC FAMILY )
January 22, 2014|By Tionah Lee | For The Baltimore Sun

It all starts with a text, then a road trip.

After having Ali’s journal stolen and receiving a text from A with a picture of the “Busy Bee Inn,” the girls pile in Spencer’s car and make a trip to the deserted motel…again. After making the drive, the girls end up at the motel alone. After they find a shirt and a few other things that suggest Ali could have once been there, a message appears behind the door:

“You’re too late.”  Thanks for the update, A.

Knock knock, who could possibly be at Toby’s door? Spencer decides she isn’t leaving Toby's until her father shares the real truth with her mother about his secret meetings with Mrs. DiLaurentis. Mr. Hastings informs Spencer that Jason has fallen off the wagon, and they are working on getting him into rehab. Of course, that is something Mrs. Hastings wouldn’t want to know about.

In walks Toby with nothing but a towel on, and out walks Spencer with a handful of information that she really doesn't need.

Since Jake is away at a martial arts competition, Aria spends the morning at Ezra’s house. After he again tells her that he understands the way she has to divide her time -- Ezra in the morning, Jake in school -- Aria confesses that Ezra is indeed the one for her, and that she is going to break things off with Jake. Instead of having the morning to celebrate with each other, Ezra has to escape to Philly to catch up with a college buddy.

Or does he?

Emily makes her way to the church to drop off a cake for the community bake sale. After getting off the phone with Hana, she realizes she is being followed. Not by A, but Shauna. When the shock that her arch-nemesis is there to just talk wears off, Shauna shares the message Ali gave to her, specifically for Emily.

Ali wants to meet with Emily, and only Emily. Why? Emily needs proof before trusting anything that is coming out of Shauna’s mouth. Shauna tells her that she and Ali grew up together and that she knows everything that happened at the barn -- and, most importantly, between Ali and Emily.

Enough convincing!

Spencer knows everything. Like how Hana is cleaning out her closet to get rid of all the things that remind her of Caleb (pretty much everything) and how Mr. Hastings told Toby that Radley is willing to settle with him and his family, ruling his mother’s death an accident and leaving all the questions in the past. And most importantly, how Emily is going to meet with Ali, and how it is a solo trip. No one else is invited.

The time comes for Aria to end things with Jake. After winning his competition, he finds out that he is losing his girl. Aww. Jake knows the real reason. He tells Aria that he has no choice but to respect her feelings for Ezra, but he will not wait around in the friend-zone.

Who can be a better friend than Travis?

After inviting him over to play a little bit of pool and beating him five times in a row, Travis and Hana share a kiss in her living room, leaving him confused. Hana assures him that it isn’t just a rebound and begins to kiss him again. Of course Travis doesn’t say no, and in walks Ashley. After politely kicking Travis out, Ashley asks Hana to share her real feelings about her break up with Caleb. Not by speaking, but by breaking plates?

Spencer also finds out another secret, that Mrs. D sits on the board at Radley. Toby shouldn’t sign the documents. Of course she tries to warn him, and he doesn’t answer his phone.

Jake notices Ezra not in Philly, but in town yelling at a woman with blond hair in a car. Seeing Ezra’s violent outburst, he can’t help but becomes suspicious.

Receiving a gift in the mail from Jake, Aria decides it’s best that it is returned. During their next meeting, he says that he saw Ezra yelling at a woman, and warns her to be careful around him.

Aria confronts Ezra about his violent outburst, and he shares with her the “truth.”

He tells her the woman he was yelling at was Maggie’s lawyer, who is trying to keep him from seeing Malcolm. He says he had to lie, because Maggie is the reason they broke up before, and he doesn’t want it to happen again.

Glad she believes him…because it is nothing but a lie.

Emily and Shauna make their way to the meeting spot. Shauna drops Emily off at an abandoned warehouse and drives off, leaving her alone, waiting for Ali. Ali finally shows up and begins to tell Emily how much she has missed her, that she is only one of the girls who can be trusted. Then footsteps scare Ali she runs away -- and, of course, disappears.

Spencer reveals that she followed Emily because she didn’t want her to go alone. An upset Emily can’t believe Spencer refused to listen (really?) and is upset that her chance to talk to Ali is ruined.

Spencer returns to Toby’s house to find comfort and to talk to him about her discovery. He tells her that he already signed the papers and that she should really mind her own business when it comes to things like that.

Now her best friend and boyfriend are mad at her.

But not as mad as Ezra! While practicing for another tournament and letting out some steam about his break up with Aria, Jake kicks the punching bag and gets stabbed in the foot. Taking the bag apart, he discovers there are knives in it.

Looks like Jake should have kept his Ezra sighting a secret.

A is still working in mysterious ways...

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