Fairness and the estate tax [Letter]

January 21, 2014

I have a hard time understanding The Sun's fairness doctrine. We often read on this editorial page about our need to be fair to illegal immigrants (Dream Act, drivers licenses), minorities (income and education achievement disparities), our poor citizens (support for a minimum wage increase and opposition to food stamp adjustments), but nothing about the productive class of Maryland citizens. The productive class are those Marylanders who work full time, pay taxes, save their money (a responsible act or they could end up a ward of the state) and obey our laws. How is it fair to tax the productive class' income, savings, dividends, interest and capital gains and then tax them again at death with an inheritance tax ("Settling the estate tax," Jan. 17)? What is fair about this triple taxation of the same earned dollar? For The Sun, fair only applies when it aligns with their progressive agenda.

No wonder the productive class is shrinking in Maryland and around the nation. Please keep in mind, the government does not generate jobs with tax dollars — this is the function of our productive class of citizens. Being fair to them will permit their use of capital to create more jobs for the good of everyone. Now that's a fair policy!

Randy Hart, Upperco

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