Estate tax only creates wealth exodus [Letter]

January 19, 2014

You fools have your heads in the sand ("Settling the estate tax," Jan. 17). Would the state (and your editorial board) prefer a small percentage of a big pot (after enacting a reduction in the estate tax) or a big percentage of not very much (which is what you have today)?

The rich have the most mobility and the best advisers, and they will take action to avoid this onerous tax. While a lot of rich folk might live in Maryland today, that doesn't mean they will retire or establish tax residences elsewhere in the future.

After retirement, I can assure you my plan is to establish a tax residence in Florida but still maintain a residence in Maryland. You can claim me as a Maryland resident, but my drivers' license, voter card and tax return will not reflect that.

M. Etzel, Towson

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