Baltimore no longer so beautiful [Letter]

January 18, 2014

I have 300 years of family history in Central Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. I lived in New York City for four years. Eileen Pollock is on target — Baltimore is the only large city Maryland has and should not be neglected ("Baltimore is no New York," Jan. 13).

I questioned in the 1960s after completing college why jobs were leaving Baltimore and was patronizingly told, "There will be plenty of jobs left, little girl."

A sadness and regret of my older years has been the lack of interest by Marylanders (including politicians) in maintaining and keeping vital what once was a beautiful, well-known city. With all the tax dollars that have flowed through this state for the past 50 years, Baltimore should never have gone into decline.

Celie Hanauer, Abingdon

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