Patterson High students write letters to schools CEO

January 17, 2014|Erica L. Green | Erica L. Green

Patterson High School students had little recourse last week when they were exposed to frigid temperatures in their unheated classrooms -- so they began a letter-writing campaign.

The students, mostly juniors and seniors, wrote letters expressing their disappointment that school officials did not respond to pleas from teachers and students about the school's conditions, including busted pipes, which persisted through some HSA testing.

A class of more than 30 students wrote letters to interim schools CEO Tisha Edwards about the conditions. According to their teacher, they never received a response.

"A lot of people are already getting sick and people sleep through the class and cannot learn well," wrote student Alvaro Flores. "We are losing water through the bathrooms, heat from our bodies, and knowlege from our brains."

A student also had a letter to the editor published in The Sun.

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