Sun ignores Obama's latest lies [Letter]

(David Horsey/L.A. Times )
January 16, 2014

Where's The Sun's editorial page today with all the new revelations about Benghazi and Robert Gates' new book, "Duty?" Even The Sun's ultra liberal attack dog, Thomas F. Schaller, writes about "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ("The outrage machine," Jan. 15).

What's going on, is The Sun deserting a sinking, scandal-ridden ship? Remember, all Richard Nixon did was stupid and he lied, forcing his resignation and people went to jail. This guy lies every time his lips move, and people died at Benghazi and "Fast and Furious," and he, so far, has not resigned and no one has gone to jail or even resigned.

This easily is the worst administration in the history of this once-great country. Thank you and try to have a nice day, anyway.

Norman Wolfe, Pikesville

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