Gansler's shoot-from-the-lip style makes him unsuitable for governor [Letter]

January 16, 2014

For Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler to liken Obamacare's implementation to "a 'Saturday Night Live' skit," as The Washington Post quoted him as saying, shows a disturbing pattern. Maybe he should have considered attending a meeting of the Health Care Reform Council, which he is a member of and which has been part of a solution. Instead he elected not to show up for a single meeting over the last two years.

Mr. Gansler then said, "It's very hard for anybody to point to anything that Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has ever managed or ever run." Mr. Brown was awarded the Policymaker/Elected Official Award in 2011 by the Associated Defense Communities for his work with the Base Realignment Closure in Maryland. Mr. Brown's leadership has resulted in Maryland having the highest rate of women-owned and African-American businesses per capita in the U.S. What about Mr. Brown's work on the Purple Line?

Mr. Gansler was the only sitting county prosecutor ever reprimanded by the Maryland Court of Appeals in 2003 for comments on two high-profile cases while he was Montgomery County state's attorney. He claimed the reprimand was political payback.

Then in 2006, Mr. Gansler jokingly called Frederick County "Fredneck." Last year Mr. Gansler implied that Mr. Brown was using race to get elected, and when asked to apologize, his comment was: "I don't know what I would apologize for."

Mr. Gansler has not learned from his past mistakes and refuses to accept any responsibility for his irresponsible comments. Is this leadership and what we want in our next governor?

Jim Martin, Bethesda

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