Residents call for help after girls drown in ice-covered pond

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January 15, 2014

An article in the Jan. 13, 1939 edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian reported a grieving community requesting a solution.

A meeting attended by more than a hundred residents of the Thirteenth District was held in the Arbutus Community Hall last Friday night, for the purpose of taking measures to prevent more tragedies such as that in which three girls were drowned in an ice-covered pond near Lansdowne last week.

A resolution was passed, requesting the Baltimore County Commissioners either to fill in or fence in the ponds and ore holes in the Lansdowne, Relay, Halethorpe and Arbutus sections. Eight persons have been drowned in these ponds during the past few years.

It was pointed out at the meeting that these water-filled depressions have been responsible for numerous skating and swimming fatalities.

If funds for fencing in or filling up the ponds are not available, the County Commissioners were urged to erect temporary signs warning of the danger.


Lieutenant Edward A. Poehlman, of the Baltimore County police is critically ill at the University Hospital. Blood transfusions are being considered in an effort to bring about a rally in the 71-year-old police officer's condition.

Lieutenant Poehlman has served on the county police for more than thirty years. He was seriously ill for some time last year, but recovered and returned to duty until he became ill again last November.


The Sporting Dog Association of Maryland will run a Maryland State Winners Stake and The Sporting Dog Association Stake on Sunday, January 15th on the Blackshere Estate, Johnnycake Road between Ingleside Ave., and the Rolling Road, Catonsville.

Mr. Ralph Kelum of New Jersey and Mr. Harry Simpson of Washington, D.C., have been engaged to judge these events. Both of these men are capable and will judge the dogs that were placed during trials this past season to compete for State and Association Winners.


The Ladies' Aid of Halethorpe M.E. Church wish to publicly express their appreciation for the splendid work done by the Boy Scouts in collecting material for twenty-five Christmas baskets which were distributed in the community.


A creamed chicken on biscuit supper will be given by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Catonsville Baptist Church in the social hall, 205 Ingleside avenue, on Thursday, January 19, from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M.


50 Years Ago

An article in the Jan. 16, 1964 edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian reported on the progress on a renewal plan for Catonsville.

The earliest that the "polished" preliminary plan for the urban renewal area of Catonsville can be ready for viewing by the public will be some time in March, according to Vladimir Wahbe, executive director of the Baltimore County Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Commission.

The staff has more work to do before presentation can be made to the Commission and to other county departments for approval. They hope to have the preliminary plan ready to submit for those approvals by February and the corrections made by March.

Mr. Wahbe and his staff met on Thursday of last week in the Towson headquarters of the Commission with H. Ralph Heidelbach, president of the Frederick Road Business Association; Irwin P. Trail, vice-president of the First National Bank, and Miss Marie O'Dea, editor of the Herald-Argus. The Catonsville visitors were trying to learn something definite about what is in store for Catonsville merchants and home owners in the urban renewal area.


The Arbutus Community Association scholarship committee is now accepting applications from high school seniors for the $1,000 scholarship awarded annually by the association.

Any son or daughter, including an adopted child, stepchild or ward, who is a citizen of the United States and a resident of the Arbutus-Halethorpe area is eligible to apply for the scholarship, proving the applicant's parents or guardian shall have been continuously residing in the Arbutus-Halethorpe area, within the boundaries prescribed by the Arbutus Community Association, for at least three years prior to date of application for the scholarship.


Contract has been awarded John H. Driscoll of Baltimore for construction of the new Lansdowne elementary school on Alma road north of Mardo road. The cost is reported to be $770,000. William E. Gray is the architect.


The Archdiocese of Baltimore has awarded Henry A. Knott contract to erect the Girl Catholic High School at 1201 Caton avenue, the cost to be about $3,360,000.

100 Years Ago

An article in the Jan. 17, 1914 edition of The Argus remarked on the damage to a railroad pumphouse from a fire.

The Catonsville Engine Company made a quick run to Relay in response to an alarm at 2 o'clock Monday morning, when the pumphouse of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, near the viaduct bridge, was discovered afire. The alarm was sent by Charles A. Thompson, signal engineer of the railroad company, who was notified as soon as the blaze was discovered.

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