Chorus of thousands should celebrate anthem anniversary [Letter]

January 15, 2014

It was a pleasure to read about preparations to commemorate the writing of "The Star Spangled Banner" ("Tall ships, Blue Angels to return for bicentennial of national anthem," Jan. 10).

But of all the myriad events planned, one seemed to be missing — the actual singing of the song.

Here's an idea: Why don't the Orioles encourage fans to sing more than just the one syllable "O" of the national anthem? Rather than have the anthem sung by a different person each day, play a standard version over the P.A. system and highlight the words on the scoreboard — kind of like karaoke for 47,000.

Over the course of the summer, hundreds of thousands would discover how easy it is to sing the anthem if done by a crowd. By the time of the Sept. 14 gathering at Fort McHenry, those hundreds of thousands of Baltimoreans could sing the anthem in unison.

Talk about a goose-bump moment. And imagine the national media coverage, putting the spotlight where it belongs — on the brave citizens of Baltimore.

Tim Tinker, Baltimore

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