O'Malley should be leading the charge to legalize marijuana [Letter]

January 13, 2014

I usually disagree with Dan Rodricks, but I thought his column on state Senate President Mike Miller was spot on ("Mike Miller, marijuana and the right side of history," Jan. 9).

Gov. Martin O'Malley is still opposed to legalization (he recently said "we see what addiction has done to our state"). The governor is not going to rock the boat while contemplating a run for president in 2016.

We will see legalization when it is politically good for Democrats, much like the governor's rants against gambling, until he got elected; then it was all good.

As soon as the legislature sees how much Colorado and Washington state take in from marijuana taxes, it will start drooling over what Maryland could do with that money.

Mr. O'Malley should check the national polls; he might find he would be better off leading this charge.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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