House has little integrity, Dwyer or no [Letter]

January 12, 2014

Del. Don Dwyer has been denied a committee seat? Oh, my such a harsh punishment ("Twice-convicted Dwyer is denied a seat on any House committee," Jan. 10)!

House Speaker Michael E. Busch said the move was "to protect the integrity of the House of Delegates." Any staffer guilty of two drunk driving offenses would probably be out of a job in a flash and denied unemployment compensation to boot.

I have news for the Maryland House of Delegates, there isn't much "integrity" left. After "theft" of funds targeted for transportation improvements and making it up with a gas tax, gerrymandering legislative districts, running deficit after deficit, and a host of other despicable and partisan actions, just what "integrity" does Mr. Busch think remains?

What we, the citizens of Maryland, need and want is more accountability and more integrity.

Warren Updike, Towson

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