Bridge scandal a lesson in unchecked power [Letter]

January 12, 2014

While mainstream Republicans and even some Democrats may accept Chris Christie's apology, our tea party group and others we have contacted do not ("'Stunned' Christie fires top adviser," Jan. 10). His claims that he didn't know about the politically motivated bridge closings were perpetrated by rogue subordinates are irrelevant. Clearly, Governor Christie has bred an atmosphere in which those subordinates feel it is acceptable to behave the way they did.

Any Republicans defending Governor Christie immediately forfeit the validity of their arguments to blame President Barack Obama for the acts of his administration. Whether it's Lois Lerner's IRS exacting political revenge against tea party groups with an Obama donor in charge of the investigation into that, or Attorney General Eric Holder signing off on the subpoena of 100 Associated Press journalists on ridiculous grounds, or this, our government has no more fear of backlash from the people.

This is what you get when you let government grow unchecked. This is the type of thing the tea party was established to fight. Maybe parts of the public are confused about that, since some candidates are currently running campaign ads which seem to claim that the tea party is all about stopping a woman's right to have an abortion, but that's just not the case. We couldn't care less as a group about a woman's right to choose. This is what we care about: a government that no longer respects or fears its people. A government that takes the people's money and hands it to political friends.

Some have claimed that the tea party opposition to Governor Christie stems from some perceived betrayal of Mitt Romney when he invited President Obama to Jersey for a photo op during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. No, nobody begrudges anyone a photo op. It's the feeling that, in order for a governor of an opposing political party to feel he's going to get federal funds, he thinks he needs to have that photo op.

There should have been no doubt from Governor Christie's top aide on down to the guy cleaning the toilets that the bridge fiasco wouldn't be tolerated. Clearly, that's not the case. And had it not been for the evidence of emails, who really believes that Governor Christie would have fired Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly? Our politicians have lost all humility. They still pay it plenty of lip service, but their actions speak far louder than their words and nobody's fooled anymore.

Governor Christie should expect an aggressive fight from the tea party in opposition to any future campaigns he may run.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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