County executive should be held to promise of impact funding [Letter]

January 09, 2014

On Dec. 18, at Ken Ulman's budget meeting, he made a landmark acknowledgment that development is not adequately funding its capacity impacts. 

Mr. Ulman promised to work on this issue in his budget.

I certainly hope he follows through, and I notice [and am happy to see] that Mr. Ulman is taking a page from the book of Lisa Markovitz, who has been in the press quite a bit lately, talking about this specific problem, among many others, of this sort.

Many Howard County voters desire that development also funds the impacts, such as schools and roads, and while Ms. Markovitz was working on the referendum, we heard her bring this issue to the forefront in the media — many, many times. Another issue is inappropriate development. 

It's good to see current politicians paying attention to what so many citizens see as a necessary change for the better for our community's infrastructure needs.

Brian Snow


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