Bishop Robinson, a multi-talented manager [Letter]

January 09, 2014

As a good friend of Bishop Robinson, I read with interest Fred Rasmussen's obituary of the former Baltimore City police chief ("Bishop Lee Robinson Sr., city's first black police commissioner, dies at 86," Jan. 6).

There was another part of Bishop's career that was omitted. For approximately 10 years, from the time he served as secretary of the state Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services until his 70th birthday, we were privileged to have him serve as a director of Mercantile Bankshares Corp. and Mercantile Safe Deposit.

The same skills that made him so effective in his public role were utilized. A good manager, his decisiveness and people skills served our shareholders well.

In a city that has suffered too often from indifferent leadership, Bishop's effectiveness lay in the fact that he always got the job done.

H. Furlong Baldwin, Baltimore

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