'American Horror Story: Coven' recap, 'The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks'

  • Lily Rabe as Misty Day and Stevie Nicks (right) as herself on "American Horror Story: Coven."
Lily Rabe as Misty Day and Stevie Nicks (right) as herself on… (Michele K. Short/FX )
January 09, 2014|By Ethan Renner | For The Baltimore Sun

"You two, together? Big trouble." -- Papa Legba

We open with Marie and Fiona discussing their new alliance. Marie is glad to have found an equal in Fiona. Fiona offers to cast a spell to help Marie sleep, and tells her that they will strategize for their battle against the witch hunters after she has rested. Do you happen to know any sleep spells? I'm asking for a very tired friend.

Marie is awakened by a visitor, Papa Legba ("The Wire" veteran and Baltimore's own Lance Reddick), who forces Marie to take an innocent life once a year in exchange for her immortality. After a mild protest, Marie shuffles off to the worst-lit hospital in television to abduct a newborn to offer up.

Marie is stopped by armed security guards as she tries to exit the hospital with the baby. Don't security guards usually just carry flashlights? "Mama's had a hard day," she warns the guards. I would agree with that statement. Marie lets out a piercing scream that causes the guards to turn their guns on each other, then runs off with the child.

The next day, Marie, Fiona and Cordelia are bemoaning their plight. They watch a local news report that the police are looking for Hank after the hair-salon massacre. Cordelia thinks her plan to divorce Hank is the root of their trouble, but Marie reveals that she hired Hank to kill the witches, and that she is to blame. Fiona doesn't take the revelation lightly, and slaps her daughter across the face.

"You married Hank to prove some childish point and brought a viper into this sacred house!" Fiona surmises that Hank is not working alone, and that her alliance should focus their efforts on finding those that Hank is working for.

Fiona, always scheming, has a talk with Misty about all that she can expect if she is indeed the next supreme. Misty bristles at the interaction, but Fiona tries to assure her that she isn't going to kill her. In fact, she's even brought Misty a surprise visitor: Stevie Nicks. Misty faints at the sight of her idol.

Zoe, Nan and Madison are returning from a field trip of some kind. They casually discuss the fact that Queenie had just been brutally murdered, and work in one last fat joke about her. They enter the house as Stevie plays "Rhiannon" for Misty and Fiona. Misty and Stevie twirl and dance and Stevie gives Misty her shawl.

Madison mentions to Fiona that she's a huge Eminem fan and wonders when Fiona will bring him in for a visit. "Marshall? You're not his type. Besides, you're not the next supreme," Fiona counters. Madison still isn't ready to concede that Misty is the next supreme, either.

"It was clearly my destiny to die and be reborn, just like our lord and savior," Madison tells Zoe. I mean, sure, this show might as well go ahead and toss in some light blasphemy. At this point, there really aren't any envelopes left to push.

Cordelia, Marie and Fiona hop on Google and determine that the witch hunters must be headquartered in Atlanta, the location of Hank's father's company. Nice detective work, ladies. Fiona and Marie cast a spell that brings the FBI down on the witch-hunting corporation.

"You know the secret. You gave it to that despicable, torturing racist," Fiona says to Marie, as she begs her to grant her immortality. Hey, Delphine learned some important lessons by watching "Roots."

Marie flashes back to when she cut her deal with Papa Legba and gave him her newborn daughter. Fiona asks Marie to introduce her to The Papa. Marie says if she wants it badly enough, The Papa will pay her a visit.

Misty and Madison are marching along with a funeral procession on the streets of New Orleans, sharing kabobs. I've taken some heat, privately, for some of my commentary on the fashion choices that the ladies of this show have made, but that won't stop me from praising Madison's turban and Misty's top hat in this scene. Say what you will about Emma Roberts as an actress, but her headwear this season has been impeccable.

Madison tries to put it in Misty's head that Fiona and Stevie might not have had Misty's happiness in mind when Stevie paid her a visit. "Are you saying Stevie was working me?" Misty asks. I love it when she speaks carny. Madison takes Misty to a cemetery in an attempt to convince her that she is every bit as powerful. Madison casually raises a man from the dead and convinces Misty that she has some serious abilities.

Madison tries convincing Misty to be her own woman and drop Stevie's shawl into a casket, but her tactics are all just misdirection. When Misty turns her back, Madison knocks her out, locks her in a casket, and orders some gravediggers to seal her in a mausoleum. Madison does the Stevie twirl with the shawl to celebrate her victory.

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