'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Who's In the Box?'

  • Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer must decide if new information about Ali is true on "Pretty Little Liars."
Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer must decide if new information… (Ron Tom / ABC FAMILY )
January 08, 2014|By Tionah Lee | For The Baltimore Sun

When we left the Liars, we found out that Ezra was A. Caleb had a mission in Ravenswood that required him to stay, Toby was on a mission to figure out what really happened to his mother in Radley...oh, and of course, Ali is alive.

Standing in a mysterious crypt, the girls are trying to make sense of Ali’s “death” (and keep the peace). At last, it isn’t Spencer playing Nancy Drew and creating theories as to the greatest mystery of all time, but Hana. According to Hana’s theory, the body that was extracted then buried, then found, then buried again didn’t belong to Ali, but to another girl. The only question is, who?

Since Ali is nowhere to be found, the girls have no choice but to figure out for themselves if they are the only ones keeping one of Rosewood’s biggest secrets. Emily decides it’s a good time to speak to Ali’s brother, Jason, who -- according to their mother -- decided to take some time away from Rosewood to be alone.

Or could it be because he knows?

Toby returns to Rosewood after finding out that his mother didn’t kill herself, but instead was involved in some mysterious accident that Radley, Detective Wilden and the company that funds the institution all decided to cover up. With the help of Spencer (his genius girlfriend), he is able to confront the woman who is the head of the institution and get her to change the story about his mother.

On Spencer’s end, her best connection to finding Jason is her father. Leave it to Spencer Hastings to remind her father that Jason’s only title isn’t neighbor, but son. After promising to never bring that up again and to stay away from the Dilaurentis household, Mr. Hasting’s agrees to see what he can do.

It’s a start, right?

After helping Hana and her mom (and buying Jenna’s car), Mona tries to get Hana’s friendship back. Hana isn’t having it, because she isn’t sure of her motives. But instead of a fight, Mona moves on to Ezra. During their conversation, she commends him on a job well-done, teaching Jekyll and Hyde. (Which shouldn’t be a problem, given that is Ezra’s actual life).

We aren’t sure if this is a warning to him that she knows he is actually A, or if she is really trying to be his friend. But in true Mr. Fitz fashion, he takes the heat off of himself and gives Mona a life lesson on her own behavior.

Sidebar: Was I the only one scared during that scene? You never know which move either one of them is going to make next. Maybe another adventure of the A team!

Speaking of A. The girls are left a message in the classroom: a very old movie reel. After the mini-production (that magically showed up on its own) is over, A leaves a message challenging them to find Ali before he can.  

Hana uncovers the mystery of another town (and a journal with a lock that she can’t open). After pulling up the information on another blond girl who disappeared around the same time as Ali, she and the girls figure it is the perfect moment to meet up with the girl's friends and talk about it.

Not only are her friends a mirror image of Hana and the gang, but Sara Harvey was exactly like Ali. Sara’s friends think they see her, have no idea if she is alive or not and have been dealing with an unresolved issue that has left them with zero closure in the disappearance of their friend.

All of the girls are excited to learn that they are not the only ones dealing with the loss of a friend -- except for Emily, who has a major “Ali-Tude” about everything.

Ezra finds the time to talk to Aria. After apologizing for trying to use Malcom to get back with her and not approving of her relationship with Jake, he decides that he wants to make things better. Falling for his charm, Aria goes away with Ezra to a cabin that belongs to one of his friends, one she has never seen or heard about since knowing him. After a long conversation, Aria stands alone in the room while the camera pans out on Ezra laying in the bed and looking extra creepy.

We really aren’t ready for the moment when she finds out his big secret.

Hana is happy to see Caleb as he makes his return to Rosewood. When she ask him about things in Ravenswood, he explains that they are “complicated.” Complicated Caleb decides that he shouldn’t share all the things that he has experienced in his new town, and that maybe he wouldn’t miss Hana so much if they weren’t together.

Hana puts two-and-two together, realizes that Miranda is the problem and is heartbroken. After making an abrupt exit from her house, Hana finds Caleb and decides to end things on a better note.

Break-ups are never easy, and seeing Caleb cry isn’t either.

The girls end up back at the crypt, with no idea of who the possible Jane Doe can be in the final resting place. Hana finally presents the girls with the stolen journal. After explaining why she never showed it to them, Spencer takes it and begins to read.

Of course we don’t know what the book really says about the girls. Does it mention board shorts? What is in that underground hiding spot revealed to us by A during the ending credits? I guess we will find out in the upcoming weeks.

Oh Liars, you have been missed. 

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