Craig should not have bought park [Letter]

January 07, 2014

The Baltimore Sun article, of Jan. 1, 2014, entitled "Harford buys waterfront property" caused me dismay, disgust and caused thoughts such as unmitigated gall, unbelievable etc.

The article should have read "Harford County Executive David Craig buys unneeded waterfront property for his hometown with Harford County taxpayer funds. The County Council, with the exception of Councilwoman Mary Ann Lisanti, also a Havre de Grace resident, had turned this deal down.

My question is how many parks does Havre de Grace need? I am of the opinion that this proposal and purchase will not benefit the majority of Harford County taxpayers! Harford County already owns a crown jewel of a park at Swan Harbor, with frontage on the Chesapeake Bay that serves not only Havre de Grace, but all interested people of Harford County.

I am a registered Democrat voter who is opposed to "tax and spent." Especially unneeded!

I fail to understand why members of the "tea party" are not up in arms and sponsoring a protest over this purchase?

I have lost faith in all politicians but I applaud Council President Billy Boniface and Council Members Guthrie, Woods, McMahan, Shrodes and Slutzky for their opposition.

Harford County's purchase of park land has a record of poor investments in my opinion. Some good, some fair, some poor with an overall grade of C.

On my first report card I had all C's and I was very proud of my achievement because my name begins with a "C." My parents were not pleased with my grades and when I explained why I was proud of my grades they considered changing my name to one beginning with the letter "A."

I am of the belief that there is land available in the county that could be developed into a park, with state assistance, that would be a producer of millions of dollars of tourist dollars and create upward of 50 to 100 jobs. I have expressed my belief to various politicians over the years to be no avail.

Were tax funds wasted on land purchased for garbage transfer? Are available resources being wasted at county landfills?

When is the first or last time a park in Harford has produced more income than expense?

Curtis Pace


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