Baltimore 'Dine and Dasher' arrested again for eating without paying

  • Andrew Palmer, 47, known for faking seizures to get out of restaurant tabs, has been charged again with eating without being able to pay, this time at the Kona Grill on New Year's Day
Andrew Palmer, 47, known for faking seizures to get out of restaurant…
January 06, 2014|By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore's so-called "Dine and Dasher" has been arrested again, charged with having a $50 meal on New Year's Day at an Inner Harbor restaurant and not paying the tab.

Andrew Palmer, 47, has gained a reputation around city restaurants for racking up expensive tabs and in some cases faking seizures to get out of paying.

On New Year's Day, police were called at about 3 p.m. to the Kona Grill at the Inner Harbor, where the manager said Palmer "kept saying he was going to walk around the corner to the bank to get money for the bill." Police say Palmer could not say what bank he intended to go to, and had no identification on him. He was charged with theft under $100.

Palmer has a career rap sheet more than 90 arrests long and has been found guilty of petty theft at least eight times in the past year.

But the charges bring a penalty that hasn't served as a deterrent for someone like Palmer looking for a nice meal and some drinks and is willing to do the time.

He was charged four times between July and October with skipping out on the bill. One of the cases was dropped, but two others resulted in 90-day jail terms. 

For the latest charge, Palmer, who did not have an attorney listed in court records, is being held on $20,000 bond with a court date set for early February. 

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