Humans need affordable protein [Letter]

January 05, 2014

Ann Roberts wrote about how upset she was with confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and wondered "how humans can ignore and accept" the animal cruelty practiced on chickens and other feed animals ("Pollution is just the beginning of the problem with CAFOs," Dec. 30).

Perhaps she might find a bit of pity for human animals who often rely on reasonably priced chicken for their protein needs.

Being kinder to feed animals who will still be slaughtered is more costly and may price food out of people's reach, sending them to macaroni and cheese or junk food to fill their bellies.

No one likes the thought of killing living creatures, especially if they are deprived of their freedom and spend their short lives in cages, but we do need to eat and most of us have not chosen vegetarianism.

Judy Chernak, Pikesville

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