'Everyday citizens' are also enablers of gun violence [Letter]

January 04, 2014

Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts is catching flak from the very people who should be saying "amen" to his view of gun violence being focused on black drug dealers and gangs ("City murder rate should outrage even 'everyday citizens,'" Jan. 2).

Comments that friends, relatives and family are impacted avoids the reality that drug users are either housed by family or visit frequently when on the run. The fact that the poor have no place to go also forgets that their rent, cable TV and other necessities are paid by some of these same low-lifes.

The solution, of course, is ignored by NAACP, the courts and legislators who could craft serious penalties and a fast track for prosecution of drug users and gang members.

People need to step up, instead of playing it safe by looking the other way, or falling back on continuously reminding us of the sins of the 1800s.

Lew Rodgers, Fulton

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