Towson coach Rob Ambrose getting an earring as part of deal with team

January 03, 2014|By Edward Lee | The Baltimore Sun

FRISCO, Texas -- In an effort to spur his players in the preseason, Towson football coach Rob Ambrose agreed to get one ear pierced and get fitted for an earring if the team reached the FCS title game. Reminded of that deal, the 43-year-old coach went jewelry shopping with his wife Friday evening.

“I’m not having a midlife crisis,” Ambrose said. “But this afternoon, I’m going to get my ear pierced because I promised my kids that I would do that.”

Although West said that the players had voted on a hoop earring that Michael Jordan had worn in the past, Ambrose said he wasn’t sure which earring he was going to buy, which is why his wife Melissa accompanied him on the trip.

While Ambrose seemed a little uncomfortable at the thought of getting an earring, he said he would live up to his end of the bargain.

“I said it, and what they need to hear is, if you say it, then you do it,” Ambrose said. “If I don’t man up and do this, my word is not what it should be. Even though I have no desire to wear an earring, you will see me with an earring in the national championship football game. Why not? I love them that much. What the hell is an earring? Does it really matter? But to them, me keeping my word is more important than anything else. So yeah, not a problem.”

Senior middle linebacker Monte Gaddis, who cut off his long dreadlocks as part of a deal with his teammates, said the players love Ambrose’s moxie.

“It just shows how he’s into it and how he interacts with his athletes,” Gaddis said. “He’s not just a coach, but he’s also a father figure to some of the guys on the team who don’t have fathers in their lives. I just love the way Coach Ambrose is your best friend and coaches you at the same time.”

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