Ravens' Torrey Smith responds to TMZ post about his Instagram comments

  • Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith grabs a pass during warmups in October.
Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith grabs a pass during warmups… (Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun )
January 03, 2014|The Baltimore Sun

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith found himself embroiled in a minor controversy because of a picture that he posted on his Instagram account this morning.   

The picture showed his brother wearing pink socks with flowers on them and included the caption, "Look at this queen."

Smith later explained on Twitter that the socks belonged to his sister.

However, the photo prompted the web site TMZ to put up a story with the headline: “NFL Player Fires Off Homophobic Slur.”

Smith responded to the story by saying on his Twitter account: "The things these gossip sites do to get attention smh [shaking my head] ... I wasn't being offensive nor am I homophobic not apologizing or taking it down."

Smith, the former Maryland standout who just finished his third NFL season, also tweeted directly at TMZ, writing, "don't do that I was joking with my brother and if you think I was leaning towards being offensive you would know that I have been supportive of gay rights ... if you are looking for a story look somewhere else."

Attempts to reach Smith have been unsuccessful.

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