Red Maryland year in review: September

December 31, 2013

     Brian Griffiths had the temerity to ask if a swimmer is a hero.

     Red Maryland endorsed Mike Pantelides in Annapolis.

     Texas Governor Rick Perry comes to  Maryland, and Change Maryland’s Larry Hogan joins us to discuss the visit.

     Convicted former Anne Arundel County Councilman Daryl Jones returns.

     A parent is arrested at a Common Core forum for daring to question the wisdom of implementing this regime.

     Red Maryland’s newest show, 15 Minutes, debuts

     Red Maryland began serious coverage of issues with Charles Lollar’s gubernatorial campaign.

     Lollar’s campaign bus has spelling problems and is registred in Delaware.

     Lollar paid himself $65,000 in salary during his 2010 Congressional Campaign.

     Lollar supporters began defecting from the campaign, drawing an official campaign response

     Lollar’s New Day PAC was delinquent on its filings with the State Board of Elections.

Lollar responded to Red Maryland

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