Red Maryland year in review: April

December 31, 2013

¿     There was a major breakdown in the Maryland Republican Party regarding membership on the RNC Rules Committee, leading Morton Blackwell to join The Broadside to discuss his take on events.

¿     The Maryland Republican Party forbid bloggers from receiving credentials at the Spring Republican Party convention.

¿     Diana Waterman was elected Maryland Republican Party Chairman,  though Greg Kline had the final word.

¿     The Baltimore  prison Scandal rocked the O’Malley administration, something that O’Malley had the gall to say was a “positive achievement” despite the inabilty of StateStat to track the contraband.

¿     There was unsubstantiated and unnecessary fear of a potential takeover of The Sun by the Koch Brothers.

¿     Strawman arguments are a key component in supporting the proposed Amazon tax.

¿     Due to high taxes and regulatory costs, money continues to leave Maryland.

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