Untreated mental illness hurts everyone [Letter]

December 31, 2013

Thanks to Steven S. Sharfstein and John J. Boronow for their insightful article on treating mental illness and for helping to educate those fortunate enough not to know about such matters ("Closing the mental health revolving door," Dec. 29).

The law must pass if we are to stop the danger to the public that severely mentally individuals create and the heartbreak they bring to their families.

We have had personal issues of a family member not receiving care that was desperately needed because the individual couldn't see that there was a problem even when homeless.

Please continue to write and help people understand how crucial this law is. It may help for them to realize that this doesn't just affect the families that are involved, but everyone else as well. We all pay the bill financially for the hospitalizations, and we are all in jeopardy in countless ways when other people are acting on psychotic views of the world.

Barbara Berns

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