'Duck Dynasty' and PC bullying [Letter]

December 27, 2013

I came across The Sun's editorial regarding "Duck Dynasty" while searching the Internet to sign Mike Huckabee's petition supporting Phil Robertson ("Ruffling feathers, Dec. 23). I grew up near Baltimore, am an independent, went to prestigious universities in the East and am a Phi Beta Kappa. I think your editorial basically blew it. You missed the most important thing going on here — the attempt of the politically correct police like Piers Morgan to suppress speech and opinions that disagree with their views.

When issues of race, Muslims, global warming or homosexuality are forefront, the PC police will come out in force and use terms like bigot, racist, terrorist and flat-earther to try and intimidate people who hold a different viewpoint.

They tried this with the tea party by labeling them as dumb and racists. There is no proof of any racists in the tea party, and studies show them more informed and smarter than the average population. That branding and bulling are the primary methods PC police use to marginalize and suppress freedom of speech makes them far more dangerous to our freedom and liberty than any comments made by Mr. Robertson.

D. Strouse, Homosassa, Fla.

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