Rounding out the year

December 27, 2013|By John McIntyre | The Baltimore Sun

A minor anniversary passed without notice a week ago. It was on December 20, 2005, that the first You Don't Say post was published. 

Some of you have been on hand for the full eight years, showing a remarkable tolerance for the number of times I repeat myself, and many of you have arrived lately.

All of the posts at the original site, from December 2005 to February 2012, can still be read there. There is the exception of the April 2009-May2010 [cough] hiatus [cough], from which a year's worth of posts can be read at this site. (The personal site also contains occasional posts up to the present, mainly to keep the site alive.)

Posts at the current site remain available for about a month, after which they will turn up on Web searches. 

The further you go into the past, the likelier you are to find links that no longer work; the videos may not function properly, either. And as you go into past posts. you will find posts about which I have had to adjust my thinking, including statements about grammar and usage that I have subsequently come to think were misguided or even wrong. 

As I mention getting things wrong, there is a point that I would like to clear up as we prepare to close out the year's business. In a post on "the Duck Dynasts," I attributed to Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty sentiments favoring slavery. I conflated Mr. Robertson's apparent affection for the Jim Crow era with the views of current apologists for slavery. That was a mistake, an outright error, and I apologize fully and forthrightly to Mr. Robertson. 

The text of the original post has been adjusted, and the apology repeated there.



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