Red Maryland year in review: January

December 26, 2013

¿     Maryland leads the nation in education spending, but not necessarily achievement.

¿     Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly began to go after referendum process after the 2012 success of in petitioning issues to the ballots.

¿     Thanks to high tobacco tax rates, Maryland was found to be a leader in cigarette smuggling.

¿     Red Maryland broadcast live from the 2013 MDCAN Turning the Tides Conference, which included a protest by former Delegate Saqib Ali over the inclusion of Pamela Gellar as a speaker.

¿     As always with the Democrats there are lies, damned lies, and budget numbers

¿     State Sandwich debacle

¿     Former MTV VJ Kennedy was a guest on The Broadside. Really!

¿     Red Maryland showed that the Gas Tax numbers just don’t work.

¿     Politico assisted Governor O’Malley in continuing to present Maryland in a more favorable light than it deserves.

¿     Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold was found guilty.

¿     Secretary  Larry Hogan joined us on the January 31st episode of Red Maryland Radio to discuss the State of the State address.

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