Track Santa's approach to Maryland with NORAD, Google Santa trackers

December 24, 2013|By Sean Welsh | The Baltimore Sun

Ever wonder how, exactly, Santa traverses the globe? 

Certainly he works by time zone, but does he work his way up the Atlantic coast, or is he coming into Maryland by crossing the Mason-Dixon Line?

Ponder no longer.

This Christmas Eve, share in the Santa experience with your kids by checking out the NORAD Santa Tracker. The site gives eager little elves a chance to follow Jolly Old St. Nick as he and his reindeer-powered sleigh traverse the globe.

NORAD, the U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command, tracks Kris Kringle from its headquarters in Colorado.

Not to be outdone, the tech team at Google made a Santa Claus tracker of their own, complete with an interactive Christmas village.

Get the background on the technology and the tracking process from this NORAD clip on YouTube.

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