PlayStation 4 and XBox One sold out at most Baltimore stores

(Sony Photo )
December 23, 2013|By Tim Swift, The Baltimore Sun  

Despite their hefty price tags, the PlayStation 4 and XBox One video game consoles just might be the most sought after gifts of the holiday season.

And last minute shoppers beware. The consoles are most likely sold out in the Baltimore area and even online. Best Buy reports that the PlayStation 4 -- which sells for about $400 in its most basic form -- is not available on its website or its stores. All local Target stores are fresh out and its not being sold its website.

Wal-Mart boasts a "gamer guarantee" to have the Playstation 4 for customers -- by January 10th, a just few days shy of Christmas Day.

Things are slightly better for the more expensive XBox One -- which sells for about $500 to $550. Most local Best Buy stores -- which the exception of the Arundel Mills store -- have the new XBox in stock. But Target reports no local stock and Wal-Mart has a similar Jan. 10 availablity date for the Microsoft gaming device.

The game consoles -- which also act as media hubs -- are the first new devices of their kind in more than five years, which could explain the high demand. Also, Nintendo --- the other big player in the gaming industry -- has a high-profile flop on its hand with its Wii U console. Released last year, the Wii U has already seen its price drop amid disapointing sales numbers. 

Several Playstation 4 and XBox One consoles are for sale locally on Craiglist at markups from $100 to $200 higher than their retail prices.

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