Ravens make Baltimore proud [Letter]

December 22, 2013

As a lifelong resident of over 80 years and a city public servant for nearly half that, it gives me great pleasure to take pride in a sports organization that has re-energized the fan base of Charm City. And Monday night's last-minute field goal by Justin Tucker, aka "Legatron," is a prime example of how the hope of something great will always outweigh the pessimistic politics of failure.

While people gather around the dining room table for the holidays chatting about the latest Ravens' victory, let us be reminded during this holiday season that the things that bind us together are greater than that which divides us. So let's finish the year rooting for the Ravens to make the playoffs and focus on beginning the new year with a sense of pride, hope and reinvigorated passion for not only purple but for the people who wear those team colors.

Happy holidays, Baltimore and go, Ravens!

Frank M. Conaway Sr., Baltimore

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